Jan 152012

Background: I had to leave on a 6 AM flight Monday morning to Charlottesville, Virginia.

1. Forgot my phone.
2. Got stuck in the security line so long (over an hour) that I missed my flight.
3. When I got to the gate they told me to run to this other gate because they had rebooked me on a different plane that was leaving. When I got to the new gate, the person there bitched at me for being late and told to go straight on and just take any seat.
4. I took a seat in the exit row because it was empty. Then a flight attendant came by and told me that I shouldn’t sit there because they charge extra for those seats, but it was too late to move me. She proceeded to glare at me for the entire flight.
5. When the flight arrived, I discovered that the asshats at US Airways re-booked me to Charlotte, North Carolina instead of Charlottesville, VA.
6. Had to go back out to ticketing and explain what happened (no gate agents could help). They put me on a flight that was leaving in 20 minutes.
7. Another loooong wait to go back through security.
8. I made the flight at the last second. Got to sit next to a nice 400 lb gentleman.
9. Got to Charlottesville. Even ended up with my luggage after a while. Only an hour drive in the mountains through heavy sleet and I was at the hotel.

I hate Mondays sometimes.