Mar 142012

Among other things, I develop software in my spare time. These days it’s Mac and iOS stuff. I have had the beta of iOS 5.1 on my iPhone 4 for a while now and I neglected to put the release version of 5.1 on last week. So tonight the beta expired and bricked my phone until I manually installed the release version.

As we said in elementary school – “Smooth move, Ex-Lax!”

Mar 072012

My employer has decided to implement a “Mobile Device Management” solution and mandate it’s use on any personal phones accessing company email & calendaring. Employees needing a mobile phone for their job duties could opt to use a company provided phone –  the option I (obviously) chose.

I suspect that the pendulum will swing away from third-party MDM that takes more-or-less total control of the phone will largely die as the major phone vendors continue to improve the built-in device management options. Until that day (if it comes) – two phones for me.