May 102015

So, I’m a Mac guy – at least when I can be. My profession as a controls engineer limits me to Windows, however. Someday, I hope that Rockwell Automation gets their software act together and builds software that is more user-friendly and more OS-agnostic. That, however, is a whine for another day.

As a Mac guy, who discovered UNIX in the early ’90s via HP-UX (and used it professionally well into the 2000’s), I am also a Perl guy*. It’s what I default to when I need something quick & dirty, or need something in the grandest tradition of a UNIX filter program.

Paragraph 3: I’d better get to the point… Anyway, I had to replace my disk that holds my user directory on my main machine recently. More space was needed. In order to make the update simple, I used CCC** to duplicate the directory, with the disk named something different (this wasn’t my first user directory rodeo). I used the regular Apple method for changing a home directory.

For Perl, I use perlbrew, as mucking about with OSX’s default Perl is verboten. Unfortunately, the changing of my home directory broke it. Long story short: you have to install a new Perl version, then remove the old one. Nothing else works, as you need to go through the whole build to get a viable @INC at the end. Of course, you will have used CPAN to add some modules. Blow away your .cpan directory in your home directory as well, or anything you try to install will break.

Obligatory xkcd reference.

Good luck.


*When it’s not Objective-C or, more recently, Swift.

** Carbon Copy Cloner. Buy it. You need it. I know a guy who knows the guy that wrote it. I gladly paid for it anyway.