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The support page for my Mac OSX app Delay Start.

No FAQs because there have been no questions. Email me at joe (dot) markham (at) gmail (dot) com if you have any.


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  1. Would it be possible to add order buttons to the list, so that one could change the order the items are launched (to get the icons in the desired order on the menu bar?). Either up or down arrows, or a drag/drop-able list?

    Jon Westfall.

    • The little plus & minus buttons under the list of programs do just that. Kind of subtle. Maybe too much?

      • Doh! Jon – I totally misunderstood your comment. Next version will have the ability to re-order the programs.

        • Hey Joe, any word of an update on this? Really great little app, would love to re-order items. Also, while you’re at it, perhaps a per-item delay, so some apps can be delayed longer than others. Just a thought =)

  2. I would like to have delay-start launch an AppleScript but it doesn’t recognize it as an application and thus will not launch it. I wrote the script to ‘hide all’ apps, after delay-start opens them. Thank you.

    • Unfortunately, unless an AppleScript app is signed or GateKeeper is disabled, it cannot be launched by another app. Signing takes a developer license, unfortunately.

  3. Delay-Start does not launch Dropbox or Path Finder. Repeatedly says, “Failed to launch the app.” It appears to be able to launch other apps fine. However, the most important apps are these two because they take the most of my system resources to initialize and sync. Hence, this is why I wanted to delay them. Possible fix in store?

  4. I would like a “Launch Now” button to skip the timer, please! 😀

    Maybe a checkbox: “Quit after launching apps successfully.”


  5. Quit application automatically after finished launching delayed apps would be great!

  6. …also, when an app fails to launch, I get an error message. Great, but it just says the app failed to launch, not which app failed to launch. I know two of four just failed, but I have no idea which two.

  7. Hey, so um, so yeah…

    When I boot into Windows, by clock is always off by four hours. I have no idea why, but it always is. When the time is updated via, Delay Start’s countdown goes to −14400 seconds (four hours), and then continues to count down.

    It’s only a problem for people using Windows/BootCamp, but it’s a problem.

  8. sorry for being so thick but here is my question.
    does delay start put a delay between each app that it opens or does it open all the delayed apps at once?


  9. Is this compatible with El Capitan?

  10. Has been requested before and I think is still not possible:

    Automatically quit Delay Start after all apps were started (optional / checkbox selection)

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