About Me


As you already know if you read the main page,¬† I’m Joe Markham, a rather eclectic middle-aged man living in flyover land.

What? You want to know more?

My formal education is in mechanical engineering. Currently I work with industrial control systems for a small company. It’s all about using computers to run automated equipment. Very cool stuff, if you are into that sort of thing.

I’m a geek. I love Star Wars and Star Trek (though I never did like DS9). I read voraciously. Mostly mysteries these days. I’m a sucker for the whole detective thing: Mike Hammer, Travis McGee, Lucas Davenport, Spenser

I also pretend to be a musician from time to time. I play bass and guitar. I have a beautiful early-seventies Rickenbacker 4001 bass and a frankenstrat that I built myself. Tastes in music you ask? The instruments say a lot about it: Rush, Yes, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, along with a host of other music. Dream Theater is real big with me currently.

I have two kids. They have two dogs, a horse, and a frog.

You noticed the Red Cross¬†icon and the Boy Scout icon on the home page? You might have guessed it – I’ve been involved in both. I can say they do good things and deserve your consideration if you find yourself in the mood to donate time or money to a good cause.

Pics? Ok-

Ok – not really me. I’m more handsome! And, my mustache is a bit shorter.

See? Much I’m more handsome. Just coffee in that cup. Probably.

Anyone who thinks I should have my head examined should know that it’s already been done. Many times. And yes – that really is an MRI of my head. Turns out it was nothing serious.

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